About Us

When we say that our blog site tambourelli.net is dedicated to fishes, there are always raised eyebrows. Fishes can mean different things to people. For most it is a delicacy, for others it brings up thoughts of getting a prized sized catch on a fishing expedition. Whatever might the two schools of thoughts be, one thing is clear, there is more to fishes than what meets the eye. And our blog spot is dedicated to all things fishes and hence readers treat tambourelli.net as a one stop site to get all news, information and even trivia on this subject.

What do the team at our site focus on? Our emphasis is on fishes, from regular areas like recipes to the intricacies of fishing. Equal stress is given on a chef’s special as well as on tips on saltwater or fresh water fishing. This is why our blog site appeals to a wide cross section of society.

However, to make our site truly significant, we invite contributions from bloggers and the serious fish enthusiasts who have great in-depth knowledge on the subject. Your write-ups will surely be of great help to our readers.

What then can you start off with? Here are a few suggestions from our end that will surely help. If you are a biologist you can write in details about the fish family per se with overall stress on the physical functioning such as respiratory or sensor systems. Fishing enthusiasts can share their experiences with our readers and offer tips on the ideal times for fishing and the intricacies of saltwater and fresh water fishing. It has to be remembered that these two might fall under the general fishing category but are totally different in equipment needed and techniques to be deployed.

Coming to equipment, constant innovations are being made in this field to ensure that anglers get a quality fishing experience. Fishing rods are today made of materials that are not only light but can also take a lot of pulls and pressures. Tackle is now more like real live bait and boats are so structured that they can venture out into deep seas and withstand highly inclement weather. Information on this modern equipment is welcomed by us more so if it is from those who have used it firsthand.

Another aspect is the environmental issue. Over fishing is making some species extinct and suitable laws are being enacted to curb this menace. Bloggers having knowledge on State or international laws in this regard can enlighten our readers on this score.

Your blogs will make our site tambourelli.com more meaningful and useful to our visitors. Write in to us blogs on any topic provided it is related to the fishing niche.